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How Video can Help a Non-Profit Grow

We get the opportunity to work with a lot of wonderful non-profits & help them share their story & grow their outreach. With a new year comes new opportunities, so we wanted to share some ways video can help a non-profit achieve their goals. By creating engaging & compelling videos, non-profits can raise awareness of their cause, attract donors & volunteers, & drive engagement with their audience.

The Ultimate Production Assistant Training Guide

Production Assistant (or PA) is an entry-level position in the world of television and film production. The job does not typically necessitate any prior knowledge or experience, which makes it a great way for aspiring members of production crew to get their foot in the door and start amassing some […]

Small Business Tactics

YES, We’re Open! “Small Businesses”

Keep the Open signs up in your community “Guerrilla warfare describes the small but impactful tactics used by small forces to overcome the occupation of larger forces. Small businesses everywhere are in a war against the pandemic” Says small business owner Darryl Parker of Warner, NH. Darryl was recently faced […]

Webcam Solution – Canon EOS Webcam Utility

Webcams can be hard to come by these days, whether out of stock or due to price gouging on the web. Canon has developed a beta version of an EOS application (utility) that allows the use of certain Canon cameras as a webcam. The software is designed and supported for […]

Endless Content from 1 Marketing Video

Now that you have a fantastic marketing video, how can you get the most out of it? There’s much more that can be done besides posting it and forgetting about it. By reusing bits and pieces of this new video, you can maximize on your investment, save money and create […]

Production Companies vs. Freelancers

As a business, you may not always have a lot of money to spend, and when starting to think about creating video content, a low-cost freelancer can seem promising if you are trying to work under a budget. Before you go down that road however, it’s important to consider a […]

Stay on Top of Video Marketing Trends

The explosion of online video is one of the biggest changes affecting video marketing today. Numerous studies have estimated that over 80% of all internet traffic will be video-related by 2021. On every platform, video is on the rise in a big way. Here are some of the top video […]

What Type of Marketing Video Do You Need?

Before starting the process of video creation or production, the very first thing you need to ask yourself is – what is the goal of this video? What kind of information are you hoping people take away from it? And then you will be able to answer, what type of […]

Described Video for the Visually Impaired

What is Described Video and Why Do I Need It? Described Video (DV), the sister to closed captions, is a narrated description of visual elements (typically during natural pauses in dialogue) such as surroundings, costumes, facial expressions and actions that enable a blind or low-vision audience to create a mental […]

Promoting Your Marketing Video

So you’ve got your new marketing video and you’re ready to start reaping the benefits of audience engagement, right? Actually it has just begun. As important as producing a high quality marketing video is promoting that video to get the engagement, promotion and views you’re looking for. January 2019 TechCrunch […]

Optimize video for social media

Optimizing Video For Social Media

Before you post a video / video ad to social media, it’s important to recognize that it could appear to your audience in a vast variety of formats depending on how they will access it, and where they will be viewing it from. From phones to computers, news feeds, message […]

Pasar el Feugo

Captioning & Subtitling Your Videos

Is your content inclusive and accessible to the maximum audience possible? Captioning and Subtitling your videos is an easy, effective way to cover all your bases. Simply put, captions are a transcription of dialogue and sounds displayed on the bottom of the screen during TV shows, movies and other video […]

Is A Teleprompter is Necessary for Your Video

In this article we will discuss when using a teleprompter when creating marketing a video for your business is necessary. A teleprompter can help you deliver consistent takes, and a well delivered, precise message. It can used for promo, marketing, announcement or even instructional video content. Teleprompter 101 Before we […]

Create Great Social Media Video Using a Phone

So you’ve been tasked with creating a short video clip for your business using your phone. While social media services like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat makes it easy to share your business’ videos with the world and retain all the quality your cell phone can offer… it is up […]

Green Screen Guide for Your Business

In this article, we will give you the best practices and a easy to follow guide when planning or considering green screen for you business’ video. Green screen is a visual effect that can take your story just about anywhere. When filming with a green screen background, you can replace […]

So You’ve Decided to Go Live On Social Media

OK! You’ve done your homework and have decided to live stream an event or announcement on social media. Below the most popular social apps for going live are shown and how to use them. (Keep in mind that this article was written in November of 2019 and some app / […]


Live Streaming For Small Business

Live broadcast, while relatively new to the internet and small business marketing world, has been enthralling viewers for decades. At its core, today’s modern live streaming is simply the real-time broadcast of audio or video that is viewed across the internet, as opposed to television. Live streaming is a powerful marketing […]

Youtube audience info

YouTube SEO Help Viewers Find Your Video

With research showing videos are driving more and more engagement, it’s important you dial in your YouTube Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help viewers find your video. YouTube is the number two search engine after Google, so the potential is there to gain the views and engagement you’re looking for. […]

The Impact of a Promo Video – Case Study

In this article, we will review how a promo video impacted the registration for The Irreverent Road Ride. A small bicycle event held on unused gravel and carriage roads in Vermont. It’s long, it’s hard, it’s Irreverent. This article will review the web traffic and registration (sales) for the event […]

What’s it Going To Cost You?

I got a call from someone that wanted to rent a piece of my gear. I asked if they could supply a certificate of insurance (COI) for the rental. They said they do not have insurance because they don’t shoot enough to warrant it. Let me clarify, they appear to […]