In this article, we will review how a promo video impacted the registration for The Irreverent Road Ride. A small bicycle event held on unused gravel and carriage roads in Vermont. It’s long, it’s hard, it’s Irreverent. This article will review the web traffic and registration (sales) for the event related to the video and new interest it brought.

The promoter contacted us to create a short promo video for the events fifth year. The info below shows the impact of tongue in cheek marketing, if well thought out and executed correctly. This video as realized by Nick working alongside Adam (the promoter). Pre-production took about two days, production (shoot time) was one day and we had one day of post-production.

The concept was to create a buzz by capitalizing on how difficult this event is and exaggerating the new routes Adam selected for IRR 5.0. We decided to create a narrative of unknown roads so far out there you were on your own and turning back was not an option.

Now to the case study. The data below shows how the video, once picked up by social media influencers caused a spike in registration that eventually led to double the normal amount of attendees.

Short – The Country’s single hardest dirt road ride.

Now the real story is what this did for the event. The year prior IRR was attended by 60 people and the website had traffic of less than 1,000. Once the was released, website for registration traffic went up substantially (over 50,000 hits) and registration doubled, as well as the number of participants traveling in for the event. Normally it was mainly New England attendees. This marketing campaign brought in people from all over the US looking for the hardest bike ride in the US. For events, registration is sales, so this one is a great success for the promoter.

Below is a text message from the promoter regarding the registration bump.

Additional data shows how one influencer sharing your content can drive huge traffic that turns into engagement. This worked for our client as the video was topical, tongue in cheek, yet believable and content worth sharing. 80,000 from a single source once the infuencer shared the video.

A well thought out and planned marketing video can generate quite a bit of interest and participation with your brand or company. Ask us how we can help you.

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