In this article, we will give you the best practices and a easy to follow guide when planning or considering green screen for you business’ video. Green screen is a visual effect that can take your story just about anywhere. When filming with a green screen background, you can replace it with virtually any digital background. In post-production the green screen background is removed (“keyed out,” also referred to as chroma key) and a transparent background is produced. This is used frequently in motion picture production for visual effects (VFX), but it’s also a useful tool for the small business.

Green screens give great flexibility for location and post-production graphic placement. They are also portable and can essentially be set up anywhere. This is helpful when you want an interview subject or a group of employees to look as if they are in the same location but physically are not. You can film each person at a different location on a green screen, key out the green and replace the backgrounds with the same image.

Why Green for the Green Screen?

Simply put, green screens are green because people are not green. You may have also heard of Blue Screen for keying, both green and blue are used for keying because they’re opposite of natural human skin tones and hair colors. You may wonder why green over blue or vice versa. This can depend on where you are filming or based upon camera selection. At first green was utilized on exteriors and blue stayed inside, however green has become the dominant chroma key background. Even though blue is easier to work with, green is less common in clothing, products, etc.

Nick checking exposure across a paper green screen backdrop for a talking head piece.

A few things to consider when working with a green screen

If you have space, can control noise and love the setting in your business or at your location, you probably won’t be considering green screen. You may also want to consider other methods like a white cyc or solid color background, depending on your message, product or service.

However, filming at a business location can be challenging, with a busy space, noise or limited options for a pleasing background. With green screen you can eliminate the noise, clutter and interruptions by taking your production off-site and adding your office interior to the scene in post-production.

However, it’s important it’s done correctly. Poorly executed green screens can result in difficult and timely masking, color spill and unusable footage, ending up costing you more in the end.

What To Wear When being Filmed on Green Screen

Do not wear green. Any green in your outfit will be keyed out with the background, making some part or portion of you invisible. Avoid reflective clothing, jewelry and glasses (if possible). (We often work around glasses as people need them to see and feel comfortable in them.) The issue with reflective or shiny items is they can pick up some of the green and create issue when keying.

Green tie on green screen, This is what not to wear.

Options Other Than Green Screen

Sometimes your video calls for a talking head with info or instruction and you need to place graphics on the screen. This may be great for green screen, it may also be great for white cyc (white cyclical background). If filmed on green screen, you can key the background and add what you need where, as well as move the subject around. However, on a white cyc, you can still zoom and pan as needed, while having a more pleasing, natural looking white background. This is great for infographics, images and examples discussed in the video.

Solid color backgrounds are great for a vibrant pop behind your talent or product. It’s a great way to grab the eye of the viewer and maintain a fresh clean look.

Let’s get To Work!

You’ve decided after reading this guide that green screen is right for your business video whether is be product or person. We are here to help. Our team can correctly set up and light a green screen (anywhere in New Hampshire NH, or New England) as well as key the green and perform the edit with the composite background. Drop us a line to see how we can help with your green screen production.

Here’s a time-lapse of our team building a green screen in Boston

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