In this article we will discuss when using a teleprompter when creating marketing a video for your business is necessary. A teleprompter can help you deliver consistent takes, and a well delivered, precise message. It can used for promo, marketing, announcement or even instructional video content.

Teleprompter 101

Before we dig into the when and why a teleprompter is necessary, let’s look at what a teleprompter is. A teleprompter (prompter) is a monitor or screen that displays a speed-controlled scrolling script in front of the camera. This allows the speaker to read while maintaining eye contact with audience. You can also place a prompter off to the side to create an interview based conversation with the speaker. Some prompters attach to a tripod, and a camera is mounted behind the prompter. Some attach to the front of a camera or on top. And some mount on a separate tripod or stand in front of the camera.

Benefits on a Teleprompter (prompter)

So you’ve decided a teleprompter might be right your marketing video. Below are a few items to take into consideration when preparing.

  • Consistent takes – The script is 100% dialed in beforehand. Edits will be made as needed day of (this is normal). Your talent will be able to read it and deliver consistency and accuracy, keeping the message on track and precise.
  • Controlling your message – With the pre-produced and hopefully pre-approved script comes confidence for your entire team. Knowing what will be said and having the message refined before your shoot date saves time and cost. Of course this helps with any size company, but with bigger teams and higher-ups having things approved prior always helps. As always, if you work with a legal team, they get to approve and sign off on the script before the camera rolls.
    It’s also a great idea to have your talent read and review the script and offer insight to how they may state certain things. We want them to sound natural and making the script their own helps.
  • Talent Comfort – Talent can review and practice the script before the shoot date to get comfortable and work out the timing. The director will always lead talent during the shoot, but it’s nice when they are rehearsed and sound natural. Now that comes to sounding natural. This is not easy for everyone on a prompter. Some people take right to it and sound like themselves. If your talent struggles, we’ll work with them with the camera off, run through the prompter and get them sounding like themselves in no time.
  • Faster Post-Production – Most times working with a teleprompter improves turnaround time in the edit. With less to edit and less work dialing in the message, it’s been done beforehand. Essentially saving time and money. It also gives you a good sense of how long the video will be when completed.
  • Adaptive – Many times (especially with instructional or educational content) we will adjust the script as we go. Working through what feels and sounds smooth, and adding value as we go. Sometimes this can make the day run longer or eat up valuable time, but that is always on our minds and we do our best to not open a can of worms with changes. A script supervisor and prompter operator working together can keep things efficient and smooth. But it’s up to you to begin with this in mind, there’s nothing worse than slamming on the brakes during any shoot.
Outdoor instructional video using a teleprompter with camera eye contact.

Camera & Teleprompter Position

When conducting a scripted shoot using a teleprompter (prompter) the talent’s eye-line and eye direction have to be considered. Will they be speaking directly into the camera? Do you want them to look off to the side as if it is an interview? Both of these methods will deliver fantastic results.

However, it is important to determine what is right for you beforehand. If you are delivering instructional content or your talent is speaking directly to the audience, a prompter that delivers camera eye contact is best. If your talent is delivering a message that you want to feel like an interview or they speaking about a topic and not directly to the audience, have them speak off camera. The prompter is placed in front of your talent and the camera angle adjusted to the director’s and client’s liking.

Let’s Script and Prompt Your Talent

Reach out, drop us a line. We can expand on this information for you and talk about time, cost and how to prepare for your shoot using a teleprompter in your marketing video. Our team can operate and supply a teleprompter to your production in New Hampshire, New England or really anywhere you need us.

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