Now that you have a fantastic marketing video, how can you get the most out of it? There’s much more that can be done besides posting it and forgetting about it. By reusing bits and pieces of this new video, you can maximize on your investment, save money and create a unified look to your branded content.

Create Short Clips

The first thing you can do is use small clips of your finished video for additional posts. A good line from an interview, an exciting moment from some b-roll, or establishing shots of your building can all make fantastic clips that stand alone as bonus marketing content. This is something to keep in mind when planning your next video shoot. You may be able to in essence shoot dozens of videos at once by planning in your mind which parts will be able to be chopped up and used independently from the longer video altogether.

Additionally, your video editor may have an archive of unused footage that can be useful. This left over footage can save you time and money in the future. By tapping into this stored content, you can pull numerous, fantastic short clips for social media. You can also potentially create other marketing videos, entirely composed of footage already in existence, avoiding the cost of creating more content from scratch.

Create Still Images

If you’ve created your video with a professional production company, your video is likely going to be of very high quality. This will make it easy for still images to be pulled from your video and used for a variety of new purposes. These images can be used for social media posts, featured / profile photos, site photos and backgrounds, posters, branded merchandise and more. They can also be used internally, for things like ID badges, training videos or presentation slides. With video, viewers only get a quick glance at the scenery, whereas with still images viewers are really able to get a good look at things.

Create a Transcription or Blog Post

One of the downsides of video content is that it cannot be easily search engine optimized, since there are no text words accompanying it. An easy way to solve this problem is to create a text-based post, like a blog or news post. This also allows those who don’t have the time to watch a video to browse your post and still take in the information. This is especially applicable if your video is a how-to video. You can pull screenshots for each step and create an instructional post with photos and accompanying text.

Audio Tracks

Let’s not forget about audio. Another way to use every part of the animal is to repurpose some of the audio tracks. You can take parts of the audio and use them for advertisements, podcasts and more. Today, there are podcasts for virtually everything including topics related to your business. You can use your audio to create an ad that will play during their ad breaks, or you can even mix them into your own podcasts. With this in mind, it’s especially important to ensure good, clean audio is captured during your video creation process.

Your video is a wealth of content opportunity

When you begin the process of creating video for your business, you’re really building a library of content that can be used in countless different ways for many years. These are only a few of the ways you can re-purpose your content into entirely new materials – provided you start with a high quality, well-produced video.

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