So you’ve got your new marketing video and you’re ready to start reaping the benefits of audience engagement, right? Actually it has just begun. As important as producing a high quality marketing video is promoting that video to get the engagement, promotion and views you’re looking for.

January 2019 TechCrunch reported that on Facebook alone, 100 million hours of video are viewed daily. That many views reported for a single social media platform shows the opportunity to connect with clients through video. A TechCrunch article in September 2019 reported some miscalculations by Facebook that caused some uproar, so take the 100 million hours with a grain of salt, but even half that is quite a bit of opportunity for your video to be seen.

Starting Point – Marketing Your Video

To successfully market your video you’ll want to promote it on all of your social media channels. Look at boosting your content to get it in front of more viewers and engage existing viewers asking for participation that hopefully turns into organic sharing. The tips below can help you better plan and execute the social media push for your video.

  • Captions help people view your video without disturbing those around them but most importantly, they will read your message if the video is muted. Helping your point to hit home.
  • Descriptive Video makes videos more accessible to people who are blind or otherwise visually impaired. Access to content should be simple and this removes boundaries.
  • Host your video wherever your viewers are. You should use multiple outlets (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, etc) to reach people where they socialize online. YouTube is still the second largest search engine, so always start there. See out article on optimizing your YouTube video SEO to get the most out of YouTube.
  • Optimize for each platform. Each place you host or share may have different guidelines or specifications for optimum playback. Be sure to familiarize yourself with them beforehand and prepare your videos for each. Whether it be resolution, bit rate or aspect ratio. Check out our video for social media optimization guide.
  • Schedule your posts to target the best day and time for reaching your target audience. Testing two different days or time beforehand will help you to discover optimal times if you’re starting without a baseline.
  • Promote video across your social media platforms.
  • Influencer can help to get your video in front of their audience. You will want to work an infulencer that has an audience related to your product or service. See our case study here on an influencer boosted sales for an event after sharing a promo video we produced for the event.

Social Media Platform Best Practices

Below are the best practices to consider when promoting your marketing video online via social media.

  • Facebook: Use captions so you can still make an impact with audio. Upload directly to Facebook as the algorithm favors native content.
  • Instagram: Use captions as videos on Instagram auto-play without audio. Users are here for great images, make sure your content is high quality. Square videos for posts, vertical for stories and IGTV. Use hashtags so people can discover your video.
  • LinkedIn: Best to keep things business-focused and content for professionals you want to reach. Your audience may use twitter and LinkedIn, but what they are looking for on one over the other is quite different, so be sure you r message keeps your voice, but matches the outlet.
  • Twitter: Keep it on the short side. Twitter will take up to 2:20 of video, but the audience is quickly scrolling, so you want to make an impact before they move on. Use captions so you can still make an impact with audio. Use hashtags so people can discover your video.

When working with us to create your video content, we can plan ahead for social platforms creating multiple versions of each video as well as still images from the videos. This will save you time and money as once the video is delivered, you’ll have the formats you need to get started marketing your business. We’d love to hear from you and we’d love to create you next video or set of videos. Say Hello!

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